Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Update Number 1 on Wedding Veil

So far so good! I have about 10-12 inches of the center done and have just transferred over to a circular needle. The Waterman small leaf pattern is working quite well, and I’ve figured out that I can increase one repeat every 6th row nicely. Forming the increases by substituting a k 2 tog for the sl 1, k2, psso in the first and last repeat of each section is also working quite nicely, and almost invisibly. Pictures will follow...I don't have the knitting with me right now!

I don’t think I made it clear that I’m working in 8 sections from the center out…I’ve been tweaking and fiddling with this to the point where my notes (and brain) are somewhat scattered. My final decision is to use the blog as my record, though. So, daughter of mine, if you’re reading this, you’d better not fuss about my printing out each entry and using that as your record – along with my knitting notes on my worksheets, of course.

Details for those not anxious to follow my previous meanderings: I’m knitting the Treenway Silks 2P size reeled silk on size 2 US needles to make a round shawl for my daughter to wear as a wedding veil. Gauge is working out to between 5 and 6 stitches per inch, depending on the blocking. The veil has a fairly good amount of body, and should hang nicely. The yarn itself has a lot of body, is quite smooth and firmly spun, and stitch definition is quite crisp. Lovely stuff to work with – soft and shiny and, well, silky!

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