Friday, June 17, 2005

The First Sample

Sample veil center Posted by Hello

Here is a sample of the Waterman pattern, with the changes I talked about yesterday. It looks better in person, and I'll try to get a better picture when I locate my camera again - my youngest son cleaned house for me yesterday, and while it looks great, everything has been tidied into the wrong places! And I wasn't going on a camera hunt at 6:00 am - I needed to get to work.

I do think it will not only work, but look really nice. The lace is open enough for her hair to show nicely, and patterned enough to frame her face. The three bind-off rows I did on this sample were plenty to illustrate exactly what I was worried about - a stockinette stitch is just too dense, especially doubled, as a veil would be.

So I think I'm getting there on the design process. Next is to decide just how I want to do the next portion of the design - as a continuous, end-to-end patterned band, or as a series of knots scattered on a stockinette field. And then I'll decide on the edging - right now I'm leaning toward the one in the Gathering of Lace book with the octagonal center section. But we'll see. I feel a little bit better, since I have at least a start! Maybe I can get this done in time...if I get the yarn here, and the design works well, and...

Breathe! Now repeat - I can do this, I can do this, I can do this...

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