Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New Project Begun

I had some Finn that I had spun sport-weight a few weeks back; being me, I'd spun waaay too much for the project! I was thinking about what to do with the left-overs, which led to what I still need to do for Christmas gifts.

I have a gift exchange each year with a group that loves handmade gifts. So I decided to make a scarf for that exchange, using the Finn. This fiber is a beautiful shiny white which takes dye beautifully, but I decided to stick with the natural color of the fiber and use a lace knitting stitch. After some tinkering, I decided on a simple cellular stitch with 4-stitch borders on either side. This is a 3-stitch repeat. After swatching on size 7 needles, I moved up to size 10.5 - the 7's made much too heavy a fabric! The borders and 11 pattern repeats makes a lovely 12-inch wide scarf fabric - and it is knitting up beautifully.

This is the perfect "mindless" project to go with the Shetland scarf, which requires lots of concentration! I've been doing at least one inch of each scarf each day, which should get both finished before Christmas!

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