Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Projects Completed!

Let's see...I've finished up several things since my last post, and started others. The scarf from the handspun Finn in the cellular lace pattern is finished off with a crocheted scalloped edge. The ear-warmer for a jogging friend is also finished, and the Shetland-style rectangular shawl for my mother is nearly done. Except I've decided to make it just a bit longer, so I'm spinning a little more yarn for that. But I'll finish it up before next week.

I've also started a pair of colorwork gloves for a younger friend from the same handspun Finn in white with a very dark brown shetland cross blend. I'm using the snowflake flove pattern found in Handspun, Handknit. They're going to be lovely when finished, although they may be a little late for Christmas - color knitting is much slower for me than lace!

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