Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A knitting update and a rumination on passing 50

This is another EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, done in Kansas City Chiefs colors for the new baby of a fan. I actually work with both parents - Mom and Dad! Aren’t the colors pretty?

Yarn was KnitPicks Merino Style, needles size 3 bamboo circulars, gauge 5 stitches per inch. The buttons are cute - little balloons! The cener one is actually red, although it doesn't show up too much in the photo.

I did enjoy doing this pattern, and even enjoyed it the second time around - unlike my usual "do it once and never again" style! But I'm really looking forward to getting back to some spinning. I'm in the mood to make some more socks - this time from handspun silk/Romney blended together and hand-dyed.

On the knitting front, I think I'm going to make myself a sweater. I decided to frog the Pi shawl - it wasn't turning out to be an enjoyable, engaging project. I may pick up another variation again some day, or come up with a project I like better for the yarn. For now I'm determined to finish up a sweater that I'll actually wear and enjoy. It's time to conquer my remaining fitting demons!

I think firmly turning the corner into my fifties is helping me concentrate. I'm not as worried about completing something just because I started it. If I don't enjoy the process, and am not learning anything from it, I don't seem to feel that it's necessary to finish it. Learning new skills, refining older ones, and enjoying how I spend my time, both at work and at home, is more important to me now. I'm becoming better and better at saying "No," and I no longer feel guilty for doing so. "You really ought to..." and "Don't you think you should..." are my publically-acknowledged least-favorite phrases at long last, and it's wonderfully freeing!

There's something to be said for a little bit of age - if nothing else, you learn to value yourself and to value your time. You also start to realize that you only have so much time remaining. I think that this sense of my own value is the truest sign that I've finally, truly grown up. It's kind of a shame I didn't realize this 20 years ago - but I've still got plenty of years ahead, and I plan to enjoy them! Watch out, world - I'm over fifty, feisty and a certified fiberholic!


JN said...

Your stuff is amazing! I'm not a knitter, but I know some, and I'll pass your site along to them. They'll be spellbound. The mobius scarf is especially cool.

Zippianna said...

I'd say that's a treasure sweater. Very good colors for the little baby's eyes. Of course the baby will try to eat it. They all do you know. It looks delicious.