Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Baby sweaters!

I’ve been working on a baby outfit or two recently. The first shower was last week, and I can now ‘publish’ my work for it without spoiling the surprise. The second installment will come later this month. The picture of the finished cap, socks and sweater is below:

The fiber was Finn top, combed from a fleece purchased I don’t remember when from I don’t remember who. I spun a fingering-weight two-ply on the 9:1 ratio of my Rose, plying for a balanced yarn. The yarn was wonderful – lofty and soft, as Finn should be. The cap was a simple ribbed-edging cap, with decreases at the top. Socks were made from a pattern that the mother-to-be had found somewhere on-line. There’s a story behind them. Momma was one of my knitting students this fall. Our second class project was socks. She wanted to make socks for the baby, but zoned out during the obligatory gauge lecture and didn’t read the material in the hand-out. All experienced knitters know where this is going! Momma does, however, have lovely worsted-weight mohair-blend socklets for the labor and delivery rooms that fit her perfectly!

The sweater will also be readily recognized as Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket. I hadn’t made this pattern in years, and had forgotten just how much fun it is to knit. I got something of a surprise while working on this one. I had hauled it along to work one day, and on the way home stopped to help out with a church supper. One of the older widowers in the group waxed quite nostalgic about the pattern, recognizing it immediately upon seeing it. His wife, who was a good friend of my mother’s, was a prolific knitter who had made the sweater many times for the babies in a large family. He was delighted to see that it was still being made!

Knitting makes so many people who don’t even knit happy!

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Michelle said...

That's one of my favorite patterns, too. It's great for using up bits as stripes, and new mamas and daddies always seem to like it. I'd admire your spining!