Sunday, February 20, 2005

Roseleaves Tunic Completed!

The flu is seriously not fun! I'm behind on my blog simply because I've been so sick - and still I'm not feeling well. Oh, well, this is about knitting and spinning - mostly! - so here goes.

I got the Roseleaves tunic finished, and the picture is below. (I added this later - on March 18, in fact!) Modeling for photos, or taking them, isn't high on my agenda right now. I did wear the tunic to dinner once, and to work twice, and to my needlework group yesterday, and garnered lots of compliments. It is indeed lovely. I like the basic nature of this pattern, and I like the way the finished project fits; I can definitely see myself making more of this type of thing, with different laces and perhaps a stockinette yoke with some patterning. My favorite Old Shale would be lovely, perhaps combined with a yoke in a stockinette Field of Flowers design...I'll have to think about that a little more.

Roseleaves Tunic Posted by Hello

While I was looking at dye for the tunic, I ran across some Regia sock yarn in the perfect colors for socks for my grandchildren. I didn't buy it then, but did go back and get it earlier this week. The first sock is completed, and there are at least three more to go - more likely five! But they're fun to knit, and require little concentration. Little concentration is about my speed right now, so it's a good match!

I've ordered the Philosopher's Wool book and a pullover kit. My colorwork skills are not as polished as my lace skills, and these designs are lovely. I've spun quite a bit of down fleece, too, and know pretty much what the wool should be like. The colors are beautiful. Where did I store that Suffolk fleece, anyway?

The other benefit is that the colorway and Fair Isle designs are already charted, so I can concentrate on learning the needle manipulations instead of worrying about charting designs on my first large project. But I also bought the book "1000 Knitting Motifs", and can feel ideas percolating already.

Now it's off to find that fleece, perhaps wash a little, and play with some food dyes. Then I can spin up the results and practice my knitting skills before the kit arrives!

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