Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dribs and Drabs...

"What's some of the things you guys have knit during the last year?"

The question was asked on a list I enjoy. It stuck in my mind, and I finally realized why. Making a list of accomplishments is a positive reinforcement - something various therapists recommend as an antidote to depression! It is January, and I have been feeling blue - it's cold, and cloudy, and my bones are aching.

So here goes - my list of finished projects during 2004:

1. I knitted a 72-inch square lace baby shawl from handspun merino-clun forest cross for my first grandson. The spinning was done from locks spun in the grease during my public demonstrations during 2003. I actually spun all of the singles during demos - plying was done on 'my' time, though. The finished shawl is a lovely thing - a garter stitch center done in a diamond and bordered with an 18-inch deep feather and fan border. Edging was simple - just a few rows of garter stitch and a crocheted bind-off. But the shawl is beautiful, and much treasured!

2. I did two pair of socks for myself from handspun. Lace patterns in both, nice simple knitting for stressed-out times. I'm wearing a pair of these now, to keep my feet warm in our current cold snap.

3. I designed, spun the superwash wool, and knitted two cardigans for the grandchildren's Christmas. This was a fun project, since they're both so small (2 and a half years and 6 months). I finished up both cardigans from initial idea to sewing on the buttons in less than a month.

4. I designed, spun the Shetland wool, and knitted a rectangular shawl for my mother for Christmas. This was a long-term project, begun in late summer and finished up the week before Christmas. Probably took so long because it was so complicated! I used Shetland lace patterns, but knit the shawl Orenburg fashion. That required lots of concentration, and I could only work on it when I wasn't hurting too much! But the finished shawl is lovely, and Mother loves it - she's been wearing it all the time!

5. I spun the wool and made a set of Swedish color-patterned gloves for a young friend for Christmas. She loves them, especially since they fit her very small hands!

6. I made a mohair-blend ear warmer for a work friend who jogs for a Christmas gift. Also a much-appreciated gift that she wears all the time.

7. I knitted a dozen or so dishcloth/washcloths for gifts.

8. I designed and knitted my first sweater back in the late winter from some lovely medium wool - a project that took courage. And sure enough, while I don't particularly care for the finished sweater, it got me over my fear of this sort of project. Now I'm working on a sweater for me again - and this one's going fast! I love the fabric and design on this one, too, and expect to get lots of wear from it.

9. And I forgot - I spun and dyed an alpaca-wool blend and made my first pair of gloves during my January 2004 doldrums! I'm still wearing these, and they're so warm and cozy!

Gee, when I see it all written down, I accomplished a lot during 2004! And I feel better - how about that! What about everyone else? If you feel up to it, do your own list and share, please? I love reading about everyone else's projects!

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