Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The pictures of the cashmere gloves are above. These were made from 2 balls of Richesse et Soie in the lovely, soft gray they call Fog. Since my winter coats are a black leather, a pink microfiber with gray lining, or a red wool, they’ll go with all of them. I made them just a bit large, knowing that they will shrink with wear and washing.

Gauge on these is 10 stitches per inch, and I made them on size 0 Brittany birch needles. I followed the basic outline in an earlier entry for making them (http://fiberlife.blogspot.com/2005/08/method-for-basic-mans-glove-size-extra.html) and it went much faster than you would think something at this gauge would go. I had only about 10 yards left in each ball when the glove was finished. Perhaps these are a bit extravagant, but they’re wonderfully soft and make me feel positively elegant!

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