Thursday, April 28, 2005

Socks musings

It's been awhile since my last post; what can I say, life interferes from time to time! I've been working on a 'pick-up' project of some short socks for my youngest to wear while rowing. I chose to use that Suffolk I had dyed and spun awhile back, and knitted them toe-up on size 1 needles at a gauge of 7 stitches per inch. He wore them to a regatta this past weekend, on a cold, wet day that was anything but springlike. But, he exclaimed with glee that evening, his feet had stayed warm all day!

Then came the following comments and ensuing conversation (just the gist, you understand): "everybody really loved the socks, cause they were so bright (multicolor primary stripes) and warm, and probably five people asked if you'd make some for them. I told them you probably wouldn't make them, but you would teach them how to knit their own. Was that OK?" I've done something right with that one! I responded that he should remind the ones who were interested that they could come to the library any 3rd Saturday for lessons, and that, contrary to his siblings' opinions, he was a practically perfect child; however, he still needed to change the cat litter!

I was thinking about those socks last night, and was reminded of a poem I was inspired to write a couple of years ago when a "why do you knit socks" discussion was raging on one of the lists. I'll insert a copy here. Remember, I always write tongue in cheek!

In Praise of the Humble Sock

What article of clothing is arguably most humble?
The “lowest” of all - the sock.
Eaten by dryers, mate-less cast aside, maligned by hurried owners,
Living in the rear of drawers and atop “to discard” piles,
Socks survive.

Stuffed into shoes, boots, and sandals,
Scuffed shoeless over floors, driveways, sidewalks and yards,
Tucked into gift boxes as a last-minute afterthought,
Maligned when absent, but needed,
Socks thrive!

Wool carefully chosen from shoulder of fleece,
Lovingly washed, dyed, and combed,
Carefully spun smooth and strong, as carefully plied,
Knitted tightly, with heels expertly turned,
Gussets and toes decreased just so,
Socks pride!

From colors muted to startling bright,
From wools and cottons plain to silks and mohair boucl├ęd.
In stitches simple and fancy, ribbings easy and hard,
Socks triumph!

Pamela Kite
December 19, 2003

Just my humble effort - hope you enjoy it!

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